Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Wheels Customs...Hot or Not?

So far I have steered clear of reviews on my blog.  I've seen them on other blogs and the perks seem great but I'm not a big fan of reading them.  Is it just me or does everyone seem to love everything they review?

I promised to just avoid them all together, but when I was contacted about doing a review for the new Hot Wheels cars you can customize with your own photos, I got really excited and broke that promise in an attempt to check it out for free!

My oldest son's birthday was about a month away and I thought it would be a cool gift for him that I could include the younger boy in.  So my 3 and 5 year old and I hopped on the website and got to work.

The boys were instantly in heaven as I explained what we were going to do.  We looked through the very small selection and finally decide on "Passion" even though it was purple because it was the only car they had... the rest were all trucks and buses. 

We then decided on a picture of the birthday boy and uploaded and cropped to get it just right.  Then it was time to choose our message.  They boys really wanted it to say "Happy Birthday Mikey" but we were only allotted 17 characters on this particular car so the most we could get was "Happy Birthday Mi". 

We decided to try another car to see if we could get more letters (honestly I think they just realized that we were almost done and weren't ready for the fun to be up). So we started all over and this time we went with the HiWay Hauler. We also could have gone with the school bus that would have gotten us 36 letters but the boys would have no part in that.  "Who want's to play with a school bus?" Elijah asked!  They were kind enough to hang onto our photo so all we had to do was recrop and move on to the message. 


We finally had enough characters to write our happy birthday message and the boys decided that it should say Mikey's whole name so we went with that instead... goofy kids.

Next we moved onto the packaging. We were super excited to find one that read "Happy Birthday"! Perfect!

We accepted the long list of terms and aggreements and checked out! The car would arrive in about 4 weeks!

Fast forward 30 or so days to Mikey's birthday.  We were getting ready to head to his party and the package arrived!  We had completely forgotten about it by then. But the younger guys were so excited to see it and wrap it up.

At the party Mikey unwrapped it and his brothers showed him his face and name plastered all over it.  Mikey was pretty excited and went around showing his friends and family.

In short the process was fun, easy and pretty quick... even if the boys did drag it out as long as possible! I wish they would have had more selections and make it even more customizable with colors and fonts and frames (I hear they're working on it!) But the end result was still a pretty cool, one-of-a-kind gift.  

The car is actually pretty affordable at $7.99 but then with $4.95 shipping and sales tax tacked on it comes to $13.75.  Kinda much for one car (and the cheapskate in me cringes when I say this) but totally worth it for any boy who can't seem to cram enough hot wheels in his pockets every time he leaves the house!

Oh and right now you can score one for the price of the shipping and handling!! 

Just, purchase any of these specially marked products at Walmart:
  • Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set
  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Assortment
  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
  • Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Assortment
  • Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car

Each specially marked package contains a coupon with a unique code. This offer expires December 31, 2011.

Okay my mini commercial is over... stay tuned for some DIY Halloween Costumes coming soon!


  1. I don't normally like reading the reviews either, but yours really laid out the pro's and con's. Thanks for a very honest review :)

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