Friday, October 2, 2009

I've been MIA... here's why!!

Well it has been a CrAzY couple of weeks for me!  I've been crafting like crazy and have a chance to sit and breath for a sec before getting back to work! So I thought I'd show off all my hard work with a HUGE picture post.

It all started with Mikey's birthday.... He was turning 5.  That's a pretty big deal right?  And this was going to be the first birthday where he could invite friends from school!  See a big deal!

So I made him really cool invitations, a 1UP t-shirt, mustache favors and a huge 3D cake of Mario coming out of warp pipe.  All for his super cool Mario Birthday bash.

So the party was over and I was glad to have a break until my husband realizes I'm pretty crafty and thinks people just might pay for these crafts I keep whipping out!  So I list a bunch of stuff online and... well... I wasn't exactly prepared for what happened next...  I got a bunch of orders for stuff...  stuff that I had to make!

Here's the stuff I managed to get pictures of!

Well after I filled all these orders I decided to check out a craft fair!  I don't know... maybe I like to be stressed out and I bring it all on myself!!

It was my first one and it was so much fun and I did really well!  I paid only $20 for a booth and made $120!  I had a good set up and a good amount of stuff.. except for slings... I need to make a lot more of those when I do it again in 2 weeks!!!

I learned from this last show that I cannot do another show without business cards, a good sign and maybe a website.  So I ordered the cards and a poster and started up my etsy shop!

So go check it out at

I listed my first 2 items today and used my beautiful baby girl as a model!

Pretty stinkin' cute huh?

So I'm off to make some more goodies!  I guess I talk to ya again in a couple of weeks!!

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