Friday, April 29, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition WEEK 2

It's week 2 and our contestants have blew my socks off again!

Before you head over to Wildflowers & Whimsy to check them out and cast your vote, check out this weeks sponsors and enter to win some free patterns!

Important:  You must be a public follower of both Wildflowers & Whimsy and The Extra Ordinary Bree to win this giveaway...this does not count as an entry, but we will not pick a winner that doesn't follow our blogs.  Also, please remember that the mandatory entries must be completed or the additional entries will be voided.

Mandatory Entries

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Additional Entries

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 1 -- The Results are In!

Well we survived Easter and by some miracle all my kids still have all their teeth in tact.  I was so sure they would start rotting out from the peeps and robin egg diet they were on the last 2 days!

But our first week at Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition is up and the results are in!

The winner of the Wildflower & Whimsy challenge is ... drumroll please...

Isn't it just adorable!
Who else is moving on to round 2?

Angie from Mama Lusco 

used the most fabric (25.5 yds!!) and is automatically moving on!

I love the bunting!

This is some serious sewing for one week!!

Ellie from Homestitched

Oh so pretty!

Erin from Munchin Makings

I totally need one of these!

 Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts

Awesome idea for a no-sew bed skirt!!

 Congratulations girls!

All the projects were great and we're so proud of all accomplished and dents you made in your stash but, still, we must say goodbye to one.

Kristen used the 2nd most amount of fabric (15.5 yards) and knocked my socks off with that slipcover.  We hope you'll continue to follow along and destash... we'll be checking in on you.  Maybe you can come back as our wild card for the final challenge!

Someday I'll get the gather up the courage to do this!

With week 1 out of the way, our contestants can start in on their projects for week 2!  April will host the voting at Wildflowers and Whimsy on Friday!  What's the Theme?

Extra Ordinary

Can't wait to see what they make next!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet: Olivia Raine

Two years ago today, this mama of wild, crazy, dirty boys held in her hands a precious bundle, wrapped in pink.

Her delivery was a wild and crazy one... I dropped more F-bombs that day than I'd like to admit... regardless of how warranted they might have been.
She was born on my mom's birthday. Three short hours after they broke my water and four hours after starting the pitocin, I felt the urge to push but wrote it off as a common side effect of pitocin.  

But the urge to push was persistant and getting stronger.  I called a nurse to come check me... 9cm... better call the doctor.  She was out of the room for less then 2 minutes but already back at the nurses station when I started crowning.  

Several nurses rushed into the room grabbing gloves and preparing the room for the doctor.  They weren't paying attention to me.  They were chanting "don't push... don't push" and not listening to me try to explain that she was already here.  

"she's already here... she's already here"  I said... trying to keep my composure. 

They weren't listening to me.


That did the trick.

The nurse lifted my gown "... Oh $H*T"  and delivered the rest of my baby girl with the only two fingers she managed to get gloves on.

The nurses and the doctor apologized and I quickly became a legend at the hospital.  I received the biggest room and the nurses knew to leave me alone... I clearly knew what I was doing.

We named her after her great great grandma Olivia (who is still alive and proud to have a namesake) and my mom (her middle name is Lorraine).

That bundle of pink turns 2 today and is exactly what you might expect from a little girl surrounded by a bunch of boys.

She is as girly girl as they come until she sees a pile of dirt to roll around in.

I love that little mess.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition WEEK 1

Okay everyone!  The time has come!  Our contestants did an amazing job and used a total of 66 yds of fabric between them! 


This week's theme was Wildflower & Whimsy.  Check out their creations to see how they were inspired and vote for your favorite!

#1 -- 25.5 yds

Girly duvet and bunting

Matching curtains

Matching Dresses

#2 -- 15.5 yds

 Chair slipcover and love seat slipcover

 Curtains for living room, dining room & my daughters room.

 Back door window sash

These are some long-awaited projects. The ones that make you think 'oh, I really need to take care of that!', and then the fabric sits just waiting...and the poor lonely sewing machine. That thing probably had two inches of dust!! I haven't had the thing out since making a nursing cover close to three months ago. And before that, embroidery for Christmas gifts... I have a decent excuse, I think...well, four of them. ha!!

#3 -- 7.25 yds

When I first heard the theme, I immediately knew I wanted to use some of my florals and bright colored fabrics that reminded me of the circus (whimsical, right?)  So the theme is reflected in my fabric choices.

Eventually, I want to re-do the entire baby room corner but until free time is more abundant, I'll have to take it a few steps at a time.  So far, I was able to make my daughter's name in rosette letters and matching bumper pads.  

I have an oddly sized IKEA crib that has solid wood on both ends, so bumpers that are connected tend not to fit well.  My solution was to make a six piece set that tie on individually.  The front panels are ruffled and the backs are covered in a vintage floral, that definitely screams 'wildflower' to me.

I knew I wanted her whole name in the room, and love the way these turned out with the 2 different fabric colors.  Letters can get really expensive, so I was glad to find a way to make beautiful letters out of things I had on hand.  In case you are wondering, there are over 175 rosettes in her name.  Thats my excuse for not completing more for her room this week.

#4 -- 6.5 yards

Here are my projects for this week!  I have to say, this was so much fun, and great motivation to sew!  I had no idea I could get so much sewing accomplished in a week (especially when I spent a 12 hour day volunteering at a school event on Saturday...just think what I could do with a free week-end...)    :)

My projects began with a whimsical (and flower-filled) fabric which was just begging to be turned into a fun top.  I then created several wardrobe pieces around the top, and added more wildflowers and whimsy with a few more floral fabrics and yo-yo trims.  The cropped pants and floral top were both made from Ottobre patterns.  This was only my second time making pants and I learned a lot! The knit top underneath is a BurdaStyle pattern and the bag is from the book "Sew Liberated" by Meg McElwee.  I made my own bias tape and piping for the bag, added an inside pocket, and used vintage buttons as flower centers on both the bag and pants. 

#5 -- 6.25 yds

Shirt - - the fabric said "wildflowers and whimsy" to me, but by the time it was appliqued on, you couldn't see much of the fabric - oh well!  This used a scrap of fabric from a charm pack and one Tshirt from my huge stash of blank-tshirts-just-in-case.

Tulle Bedskirt - - I have  A TON of tulle in my stash - and tulle is "whimsy" to me so I knew I wanted to use it.  I thought it would be great to use as a bedskirt in my girls' room - to hide all their junk.  I cut the tulle into strips and tied them onto the bed - it took a bunch of tulle - 6 yards (3 plain white and 3 sparkle).  I was going to glue on flowers of tulle, but the wadded up pink tulle didn't look right, so I just left the bedskirt plain.

#6 -- 5 yds 

 Here is my entry for week one.  My take on the theme Wildflowers and Whimsy is a Wildflowers and Whimsy Picnic Blanket.  I used 2.5 yards of fabric and 2.5 yards of batting from my stash for this project.  I purchased the nylon batting just for this project.

I have had a picnic blanket on my project list for a while.  I'm so thrilled to have one done now that I can put in my car and use for lots of family picnics this summer.  One thing I love about this picnic blanket is that it is plenty big for all four of us and even a couple friends to comfortably sit on.   Plus we can use it even if the grass is damp because the backside is waterproof!!

#7 -- 7 yds

WhooHoo! I finished the first project! I decided to make a Wildflowers and Whimsy TeePee or as my little one called it a PeeTee. So here it is..

I made this from a king size duvet cover that I have had stashed forever.

I whimsied it up with some appliques.

Added a ruffle.  All done.

So my yardage totals were 5 yards for the body and pole slots, 1 yard for lining the front flaps, and a little over 1 yard for the appliques. So that's a grand total of 7 yards used up. YAY! The best part way I only purchased the ric rac for the stems and the poles for the tent all that was only $18. I had so much fun thank you for having me!

Pretty impressive huh?

#1 used the most fabric... 25.5 yds... Holy Batman!  So she automatically goes on to week 2!

Congrats! Now hurry up and vote for your favorite!  The polls close Sunday night @ 11:59!

Oh and don't forget to hop over to Wildflower's & Whimsy later today to enter the giveaway for some free patterns so you can start taking down your own stash!!

This weeks challenge brought to you by:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Want a FREE $20 shopping spree?

Silly question right?

Who wouldn't!

Well right now Rue La La is offering $20 when you sign up!

What's Rue La La?

It's another one of those private sale sites with great deals for a limited time.

A couple times a year they run this special where they offer you a $20 credit in your account with the hopes that you'll go on a mini shopping spree and try out their site!

I've told you before that I'm slightly addicted to these sites like Gilt, Totsy, Zulily & No More Rack.

This one is great because they always have luxury items for cheap-o-la!

What would I get if I had the $20 credit?

Lucero 4 pc Infused Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Set

 I could get these for almost free... just the cost of shipping!

Kaiser Springform Pans- set of 5
And I'd be tempted to splurge a bit and get this set for only $20!!  I've been wanting some of these soooo bad and this is a great deal!

But I'd probably hang on to the credit until Sunday because on Sunday nights they have a super sale and offer a bunch of goodies for super cheap!

And when you sign up and get your $20... I'll get $10!  So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Terms and conditions of the $20 credit:
New members must join before 4/25/11 and use their credit by 5/25/11.  The credit will appear in their account within 48 hours.  Rue La La reserves the right to cancel or modify all or any portion of this promotion at any time.

They just added Puma shoes for women, men and kids!  
Go! Go! Go!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Weeks Theme!

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition

Are you guys ready to get this show on the road?  I know I am!  I can't wait to see what our super talented girls come up with!

This weeks theme is Wildflowers & Whimsy. We thought it would be fun to see how our contestants might be inspired by our blogs! 

I will be hosting the voting this week.  Projects will go up Friday and voting will stay open until Sunday evening.  While the voting is going on April will be hosting a giveaway for our readers from one of our awesome sponsors!  So be sure to go check it out at Wildflowers & Whimsy!

The winner of this weeks competion will move on & win a pattern from Red Thread Patterns.  They have adorable patterns for boys & girls!

The winner of the giveaway (for our readers) will win a pattern from Red Thread Patterns & a pattern from Pink Chickadee Patterns!
Pink Chickadee Patterns has a pretty new skirt pattern!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

He gets 2 birthdays?!

source: brightside studio

I try to read to my boys before bedtime.  I don't always have time to.  Some times I let them watch an extra cartoon instead of reading so I have more time to clean, sew, fold laundry... etc.

But when I make time for it, I'm usually happy I did.

Lately we've been running out of books though.  We've already read through there entire children's Bible a couple of times, finished The Swiss Family Robinson's and all of the other books they own.  And we owe the library some horrific amount of a fine... seriously it's baaaad.

So last night we picked up their children's Bible again and I decided to read them the Easter story again.  But this time I really broke it down for them.  I really wanted them to understand what is going on and why we are celebrating Easter.

I explained in the simplest of terms possible for my 6, 5 & 3 year olds and when I finished Mikey excitedly asked "So it's like Jesus' birthday again... He gets two birthdays?!"

 Ummm... kinda... yeah sure!  Why not?

We talked about what we could do to celebrate His birthday.  Mikey noted that on my birthday we go shopping because that's what I like to do.  So I asked what does Jesus like to do?  What might He do if his body were still here?

The boys were stumped and quiet for a bit before Elijah quietly said "love people... Jesus likes to love people"

And so my boys decided for Jesus' other birthday we would do what Jesus loved to do more than anything... 

source: persimmon&pink

We brainstormed for a bit about how we could do this in a big way.  We talked about being Jesus' hands and feet since His are no longer here on Earth.  We got some crazy ideas like buying giraffes for kids with no parents to help them get things down from really high places (I'm not making this up folks) and some really really sweet ideas like making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone who doesn't have food.


We ended the night with kisses and prayers and promised to spend more time brainstorming how to love for Him on Easter.

If you have suggestions for something I can do with a small group of little ones (or maybe just the oldest 2?) please share!  I'd love to hear it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chevron Romper

I'm so in love with how this turned out!

I've been dreaming about these little rompers for some time now but just haven't had the time to figure it out.

When I found this chevron fabric at Hancocks I just knew I had to have it and made it that very same day... seriously I think I made it within an hour of coming home from the fabric store... obsessive much?

It's honestly been a couple of weeks now since I've made it but I haven't had much luck getting pictures of it.  Livi is quite possibly the dirtiest girl I've ever known.  And who would be surprised by that?  She has 4 brothers!

The first time she put it on, I ran to get the camera and had to find the battery.  By the time I was ready to go the darling little girl and matching outfit were covered in East Texas red dirt.

The stuff is awful!

We decided to try again a day or so later but before I could get any pictures worth saving she had a potty accident.  Boo.

This time around I decided to get the pictures (ANY PICTURES!) as soon as I could so ignore the dirty grimy look on the front of the shirt and her face... she's my beautiful little mess.

Despite the fact that I'm hosting a destash competition right now I just bought a bunch of super cute fabrics so I can make her a ton of these!  Should I nix the elastic on the shorts and cuff them instead?


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