Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Have you guys heard of Totsy yet?

Yep it's another "exclusive" membership deal of the day sort of site... think GiltRue La La, Zulily just to name a few.  I'll admit to having a minor addiction to these sites but today I stumbled upon another.

It's called Totsy.  Like the others you have to be a member to get in on the deals that are offered for a limited time and like Zulily these deals are mostly for children's clothing, accessories and toys.

So why am I telling you about yet another deal of the day site?  Because Totsy offers something the others don't... Totsy is  100% eco-friendly

How so you ask?

They use recycled paper, renewable energy, less packaging, and pay close attention to what they use and how they use it.   "It keeps us environmentally conscious while our products remain environmentally friendly."

And if that's still not enough for you... get a load of this:  "With every purchase you make through Totsy, we will plant one tree in the name of your child

Pair that with up to 85% off and you've got as close to guiltless shopping as you will ever find! 
So go sign up and check them out and then invite your friends to do the same... not only will you get a $15 credit for everyone who signs up (and makes a purchase) but you can feel good about promoting a company that's doing their part for today's world and tomorrow's generation!


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