Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warhol Posters

Celebrate the Boy with Made and Made by Rae comes to an end today (or tomorrow?)  

And though I am the mother of 4 boys , this is my first time mentioning or even acknowledging it!

But my motto, chanted daily in my head, is better late than never.  So here it is:

Warhol Posters

I desperately needed something for the walls in my boys' room. 

I found some cool posters at Ikea but wanted something more personal for over each of their beds. 

I have learned, in my 6 short years as a mom, that there is nothing that a little boy loves quite as much as seeing their face or name plastered all over e v e r y t h i n g.

So I set out to make these cool Warhol prints for each of them.

I found several tutorials on how to do it but they were all so in depth and seemed so complicated. It couldn't possibly be that hard to do, right?
Totally right!

I figured it out, printed them up at Walmart and framed them in these $2 clearance frames at Target!  Wooohoo!

 So do you love them?

Do you need one?

Do you need to know how?

No prob Bob!

Here's the Template and tutorial for you to make your own using the super cool super FREE Gimp!

Step 1: Download the Template and open it up in Gimp

Step 2: Open up your image as a new layer.

Step 3: Scale and crop your image to fit over the turquoise square

Step 4: Adjust the brightness and contrast way up!

NOTE: you can click each of these pictures to blow up and see exactly what numbers I used.

Step 4: Use the Desaturate tool to make your image black and white

Step 5:  Adjust the brightness and contrast again.  Turn the brightness way down and the contrast way up.

Step 6: Duplicate your layer until you have 4 identical layers stacked on top of each other.

Step 6: Move each of your layers over the colored squares

Step 7:  We're going to "colorize" each layer.

Turquoise- leave just as it is and click "Ok"

Orange- Change the hue to 15 and the saturation to 75

Red - Change the Hue to 0 and the saturation to 100

Yellow- Change the hue to 55 and the saturation to 90

Step 8: Posterize each of your layers.

Step 9: Delete the layer titled background

And that's it!  Now just save it as a JPG and send it Walmart or Walgreens or whatever and you are finished!!


  1. Those are great! I love your ideas and tutorials. I'd like to give you the "One Lovely Blog" award! If you would like to accept, just go to the post below and grab your award!

  2. I love it! Please more tutorials on Gimp!!!! I downloaded it a while back and cannot figure it out to save my life! lol


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