Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Cool.

Today the kids woke up, ready to start the day, bright and early at 5 AM.  Thank you daylight savings time for completely destroying any hope of sleeping in for spring break.

After a feeble attempt at breakfast, I had the pleasure of taking all 5 of them with me to Isaac's 6 month well check.  Armed with a wad of pixie sticks and promises of McDonald's Happy Meals I survived.  Bribery at it's best.

Seriously.  Who in the heck came up with this plan.

Daylight Saving Time... Maybe next year I'll boycott. 

And why, please tell me why must we do this during Spring Break?

Tomorrow, I shall find the man who devised this evil plan and give him hell.

I bet I could make a killing if I tied him up and sold tickets to mom's everywhere for their chance to slap, punch or scream at him.

Anyone want a ticket?

1 comment:

  1. I think I might be the one person out there who benefitted from daylight savings, ha. My younger doesn't give two cents either way, and my older is actually still deep enough in sleep now when my hubby leaves for work at ridiculous-oclock in the morning that she sleeps through. So now I'm sleeping in til 8, or at least that's what my clock says, and that's better than last week when it said I was sleeping in til 6 on a good day! :D :D :D


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