Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying Solo

If you've been waiting all day for my Spring Fling post, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting!  

This weekend was crazy busy!  My hard working husband is building a 6ft privacy fence on our huge 1 acre corner lot and coaching baseball and trying to prepare himself for working the night shift at work next month.  For me this means, I'm sort of doing the whole parenting thing solo for a bit.

Cooking dinner while cleaning up another potty accident and breaking up fights over the Wii,  tucking babies into bed while begging toddlers to get out of the bath and yelling "I'm not going to tell you again to get your pj's on!" for the 3rd time... it's all so much easier with another set of hands.

Next week he'll start the night shift and our sleep schedules will get all out of whack until somewhere between week 3 & 4 and then it'll be time to change back to the day shift again... cRaZy!!!  He seriously needs to find a more family friendly job!  Is there such a thing?

But back to the Spring Fling giveaways!

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