Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Store Your Fabric Stash

Our three final contestants are hard at work right now with their final projects.  You'll be able to see all their awesomeness & vote for your favorite on Friday! I can't wait!!

Have you've been following along and tackling your own stash throughout the competition?

I have!

Nothing like what our amazing contestants have done but I have really really tried to use my fabric and avoid buying new stuff.

So what has helped me?

By far the biggest help to me has been re-evaluating my fabric stash.  I went through everything and pulled out the fabrics I knew I'd never use.  Then I put it in a separate bin.  I realize that I could just toss these or donate to the Salvation Army but I like to keep them!  Why?  Because sometimes beautiful fabric can be hard to cut into, especially when you're not sure if a pattern is going to work or you are trying to design a new pattern!  But ugly fabric with kittens and Christmas bows are so easy to cut into that you're scissors practically work themselves! and yes I actually have fabric with Christmas cats on it

After all my ugly fabric is out of site, I can focus on the fabrics I drooled over and risked a lecture from my husband for!

The solution for me is simple... Fold it nice and neat and stack them in the cabinets that hang over my sewing machine. Here's a round up of a ton of other functional & attractive ways to store your fabric... something's bound to work for you!

Make your own miniature fabric bolts!
Find the tutorial @ The Little Green Bean!

A functional way to store your favs and it doubles as craft room decor! 
You can find the full tutorial here... p.s. it's so easy, you'll laugh.

Holly @ Holly Street is a self proclaimed Fabric Whore
She color coordinated her fabric into pretty bins  

Make a fabric swatch book like Carolyn from Homework
& store your fabrics in a dresser or in large bins

And I know that most "normal" people probably just throw their scraps away but if you're a real, authentic hoarder, like me, then you hold on to even the smallest scraps!
There's just so much you can do with them!

Display them using embroidery hoops! 
Find the tute @ The Purl Bee

Like these pretty little necklaces from Cakies

Or these bangles from Blue Cricket Design

And I'm in love with this scrap fabric table cloth
from Pocket Full of Posies!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah
made these awesome scrap shoelaces!

Fabric covered bandaids!!
Get the tute @ The Pink Couch

Even the smallest scraps can be used as button covers
like this tufted sofa from The Found Blog

And this simple project is a necessity for every flip flop wearing 2 year old! 
Find the tutorial @ Make It & Love it.

And oh there's more... there's so much more!!  But if I don't stop, this list will be a mile long.  Seriously.

But now that I've convinced you to hold on desperately to each and every scrap larger than the size of a quarter... How in the heck do you store all of it!

Here's a couple of cute ideas that got my wheels turning and my mouth watering.

Tuck them in mason jars and display like
Rachel from Stitched in Color

The Pioneer Valley Girl stores her color coded
scraps in a clear over the door shoe holder!

I love this idea from BHG!  Wouldn't it be cute to
find a vintage hanging fruit basket?!

Another from BHG
... I knew I was saving all those formula cans for a reason!

Same concept as the mason jars only fancier
from Prudent Baby

How about hanging them from a pretty little clothesline
like Ronda from One Little Word?

So there you have it folks... if you weren't hooked on hoarding fabric and scraps you are now!  

How do you store your stash?


  1. ha, you weren't breaking the rules! there really aren't any rules to be honest, just vintage lovin' mommas showing off their cute kids. hope you join in again! oh, and my fabric is shoved in a drawer - although i did take the time to organize my scraps by color and put them in big plastic bags :)

  2. Thanks Bree for posting that couch with buttons....just when I was finally prepared to part with anything less than an inch! lol

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful scrap ideas!! For the most part my stash is sorted by type of fabric and colour, in drawers and on shelves, but I was in need of some good ideas for scraps! I love the glass jars, but I think I'd need a whole table of them to put all of my scraps in! :)


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