Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh She's Wild, Alright!

Our very first challenge at Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition, one of our contestants worked her tail off and managed to use up 25.5 yards of her enormous fabric stash!

Right then and there, the rest of the contestants must have know she was a force to be reckoned with!

Throughout the competition she's made some amazing pieces and used a mind blowing total of 61.5 yards.

She made it all the way to last weeks challenge before being voted off in a very close race but you haven't seen the last of Mama Lusco!

That's right...

We've chosen Angie as our Wild Card to go on to the final round!

Congratulations Angie!  Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother to Be, Being, Been

Have you guys seen this yet?

Jenn from A Jennuine Life is running this fun contest where you can submit maternity, nursing & postpartum fashions sewn by you!

Right now the contest is in the 3rd trimester (get it?) and focusing on what to wear when you've lost that cute baby bump and are trying desperately to disguise it.

And today, I wrote up a fun little guest post with a couple of super easy tutorials! So hop on over there and check it out!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover... Who's going to the finale?

The votes are in and all tallied up!

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition

So who's going on to the Grand Finale for the chance to win a really awesome prize pack filled with some really awesome patterns from the freshest Etsy shops???

She won our Hopscotch challenge with this amazing collection of 9 pieces!

is also moving on with this her version of the bloom dress!  
I just love that color combo!

Unfortunately that means Angie from Mama Lusco is eliminated... boo.

I really liked how she was inspired by the pattern without using it since it wasn't sized for her older girls!
So we've got Andi & Amy... what about our wild card?  
Who should come back for the grand finale? 
Who are you just dying to see more of? 
Who's put their fabric hoarding ways behind them?  
Who's used the most fabric?


Stay tuned!  We'll announce it soon... very soon!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't forget!

Hey two BIG reminders...

Vote for your favorite Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition project before midnight tonight!


If you signed up for Rue La La and got $20 for free (lucky dog!) don't forget to use it before it expires on May 25th!  The Sunday Night Styleathon starts tonight @ 8PM ET!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition WEEK 5

It's Week 5 of Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition the last challenge before our grand finale!  This week our girls duked it out in a pattern show down!  They used The Bloom Dress from our sponsor Too Sweets!

Definitely Too Sweet

Now... let's see what they've made!

# 1 -- 9.5 yards

The Hopscotch Collection - One Pattern, 5 looks

With the dress pattern as my guide, I have created 5 different summary outfits, ready for fun in the sun!

This first dress combines two different blues and an added ruffle on the bottom. 

For the second variation I added two straps instead of the halter neck and played with the scale of the flower. I used the full-size flower to adorn a coordinating carry-all tote.

I finished my sewing for little ones by shortening the pattern to create tops and then made some matching shorts, too.

But kids aren't the only ones that need summer clothes! So I then adapted the pattern to make two adult-sized outfits.

This knit skirt was created by widening and lengthening the pattern and then adding a ruffle on the bottom. 

And finally, I created a light cotton sundress. Once again, I lengthened and widened the pattern and then added two straps on the top and ommitted the flower. 

Now if only the sun would shine!

#2 -- 1.75 yards

My girls are too big to fit the actual Babes of Sweet pattern, so I found inspiration in the style of this dress. First is the ‘Bloom Romper,’ made from comfy knit with a coordinating bloom ruffle flower. Yardage : 1 yd

I wanted the fabric to be the focus, so this is a simple shirred tunic with elasticized stay-put straps. Yardage: .75 yd

#3 -- 1 yard

Hi Everybody! This week was just too crazy for me.  I had a super hard time finding a minute to work on the project. Nevertheless, I finally got my dress done late last night.

Yep, the pictures are terrible which is really too bad cause the little dress is so cute!  We have had horrible weather the last couple days. There was no way any little girl would be wearing this outside.

My favorite part is this adorable flower and shirring on the front of the dress.  I really loved this pattern. Thank you so much for letting us try it out.

I'm impressed girls!

Now vote, vote, vote for your favorite and then head over to Wildflowers and Whimsy to enter the giveaway so you can get your own Too Sweet's pattern!

This weeks challenge was brought to you by:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 4 Giveaway! Want some free sewing patterns?

I've been sort of missing around here lately.  It seems that T-Ball has taken me hostage!  It's so much fun to see my kids having fun and working hard and there's just something about a baseball uniform that melts my heart into a big gooey mess.  But I promise to have some new tutorials up soon soon soon!

But for now it's week 4 on Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition (or EMFE if you're in a rush!)

Aprils' hosting the voting this week but before you head over to Wildflowers & Whimsy to check them out and cast your vote, check out this weeks sponsors and enter to win some free patterns!

Important:  You must be a public follower of both Wildflowers & Whimsy and The Extra Ordinary Bree to win this giveaway...this does not count as an entry, but we will not pick a winner that doesn't follow our blogs.  Also, please remember that the mandatory entries must be completed or the additional entries will be voided.

Mandatory Entries

Visit Up & Away and come back here and tell me what your favorite pattern is.  (1 entry)
Visit Little Chickadee and come back here and tell me what your favorite pattern is.  (1 entry)

Additional Entries

Create a link to this giveaway.  (Just click the "create a link button" below the comment section. (1 entry)
Post this giveaway to FB.  (1 entry)
Grab a button. (1 entry)
[I realize that my button is abnormally huge for some reason... doh... so feel free to grab one from Wildflower's Whimsy instead where hers will actually fit in your sidebar and someday I'll get around to fixing that!]

Please leave a separate comment for each entry, and make sure we are able to contact you.  Thanks and good luck!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 3 Winners!

Did everyone have a blessed Mother's Day?  Anyone get anything fabulous?  I got a handwritten coupon for a day out of the house.  I used it to have an almost childfree lunch with my mom and sister.  It was so nice... only 364 days until I can do it again!

Our third week at Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition is up and the results are in!

The winner of the Puddle Jumping challenge is ...

Ellie from Homestitched

We all fell for her 'Puddle Jumper' Collection

So who else is moving on to round 2?
 used the most fabric (13 yds!) and is automatically moving on!
This classy summer outfit was just one of her many creations

Love the pretty little skirts & the hats!  Oh the hats!

Angie from Mama Lusco 

Mommy - Daughter raincoats for splashing through
puddles together!

 Congratulations girls!

I loved all of your fun projects ladies but, as usual, someone has to go.  Erin from Munchkin Makings made the cute little boy & girl rain ponchos & hooded towel.  We hope you'll keep using up that fabric! We'll be checking in on you and maybe you can come back as our wild card for the final challenge!

Imagine how cute a couple of kids would look running
around & jumping through puddles in these!

Well, that's it for Week 3!

For Week 4, April will host the voting at Wildflowers and Whimsy on Friday!  What's the Theme?

Let's Go Fly a Kite
Sounds fun huh?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you ready for week 3!!!

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition

Are you feeling inspired yet?  Have you dug into your stash and started knocking out projects on your to-do list?  We'd love to see what you've done... feel free to leave a link with your comments after you've voted!

Week 3 Puddle Jumping

#1 -- 13 Yards

When thinking of puddle jumping most people imagine putting on their rubber boots and heading outdoors to jump in large pools of water.  Although I do enjoy puddle jumping of this sort, it was a different kind of puddle jumping that inspired me this week.  Puddle jumping can also refer to flying small distances over bodies of water (often in remote areas)in light airplanes which are referred to affectionately (or not!) as "puddle jumpers".  So what do you need if you're traveling to new places?

A breezy spring outfit, of course! 

And don't forget your poncho, in case it's chilly on that plane!

A travel bag to pack your necessities.

And a tent to camp out in those "remote areas!"

And when your day of adventure is through, hop into bed in your cosy puddle jumping pjs! (notice the ducks with the umbrellas on the pants?)

Bon voyage!

#2 -- 6.75 Yards

‘Puddle Jumping’ made me think of rain coats and rubber boots.  My 3 year-old thought puddle jumping meant frogs, so I combined these ideas in my week 3 projects.
Mommy & Me Trench Coats – We don’t have much rain here for puddle jumping, but these jackets look great in the sun, too!
DMK’s Little Red Riding Hood Trench Coat (fully lined) with removable hooded cape – 3 looks in one!  Wear jacket without the cape on dry days or add the reversible hooded cape when needed.  Yardage used – 4.25 yds
‘Chic & Simple Sewing’ Trench Coat with pockets & belt – 2.25 yards
Frog Prince rice bag softie – .25 yds

#3 -- 5 Yards

We know all about puddle jumping here.  We've had so much rain this past month that puddle jumping is all we get to do these days. :)  So I decided to make my kids some rain poncho's.  

For my daughter I made a Tangled fleece lined poncho.  

For my son I made a whale cotton lined poncho.  

I used 2 yards each so a total of 4 yards for the poncho's.  

I also made a Tangled towel for my daughter because after all the puddle jumping she will definitely need a towel. :)  

I used 1 yard for the towel.

 #4 -- 4 Yards

We don't have too many puddles around here so I decided to get ready for some slightly larger puddles of the swimming pool and water park kind.  We will be spending quality time with both of those this summer.  

So here it is: the 'Puddle Jumper' collection.

It started out with the need to have a hat for the little one's in my life.  Nothing more important than protecting them from melanoma.  

I dissected an old pair of cargo pants and made a bucket hat and matching shorts for the first munchkin, whom I borrowed for the day.  The hat actually fits really well, he just kept pulling it down over his eyes.  Then a pink, wide brimmed hat for the second munchkin.  

Then the little girl needed some swim suit cover-ups.  You can't just show up at the pool in your suit after all.  

A few light weight cotton ones:

And a warmer, more absorbent one for after the puddles.  No one wants to get their car-seat wet on the way home!

The little guy really wanted to go to the water park, but it doesn't open for a month so our 'puddle jumping' will have to wait.


 #5 -- 3.5 Yards

What is more fun than puddle jumping! This was an amazing theme it could pretty much be anything this is what I came up with.

Three puddle jumping skirts, two cutie hats, and two appliqued shirts.

Oh these little girls love puddle jumpin' outfits.

Here is the applique we did for the fun theme. She certainly does love puddles.

I am so happy to be using up my stash for such cute ideas.  Sadly I don't get to count 1 skirt and hat in my total because I went to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for a mothers day project and could not resist{i might have an addiction}. Anyway I did use 3.5 yards of my stash!

Don't you just love how everyone interpreted the theme differently?

#1 used the most fabric, with an impressive 13 yards!  I love how she told a little story with her projects!  She automatically goes on to week 4!

Now hurry, hurry and vote for your favorite of the four remaining contestants!  The winner will win a pattern from Sew Sweet Patterns The polls close Sunday night @ 11:59!

Oh and don't forget to jump over to Wildflowers & Whimsy to enter the giveaway for free patterns from this week's sponsors... trust me... you don't want to miss this!

This week's challenge is brought to you by:

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