Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Every year for Christmas I make myself crazy trying to make Christmas presents for everyone on my list.  My husband begs me every year... "can we please just buy that?"  This year a little voice in my head is telling me to back off and do your Christmas shopping at Target like everyone else.

But I can't do it!

Seriously!  Something's wrong with me!  After all, I do have a new baby to take care of (not to mention the 1 yr old, and the 3 crazy boys!)  My house is sort of falling apart... the boys broke another window today bringing the count to 3 broken windows in less than 3 months!  And my husband is threatening to take away my computer if I don't stay away from Made & Ana-White!

So this year I've agreed to take it easy... kind of.

Here's what my list looks like:

Family tree-  I do these every year for my husband's very large family.  It doesn't require any genealogy research or anything like that.  It simply lists my husband's parents at the base and the families of their 6 children on the branches.  I try to mix it up and do something different every year and do a LOT of idea shopping on Etsy.  Later this week I'll show you a couple of ideas and how to get them yourself on the cheap!

Paper dolls-  I've found a really cool way to make paper dolls that look like my nieces favorite teen celebrities on the Disney channel.  These are pretty easy to make (even easier if you've got a Quickutz Silhouette!!)  and I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make these either magnetic or clingy!  So much fun!!

Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts-  If you've got teenagers on your list, this is the way to go!!  Super cheap and super easy.  There's a ton of tutorials online for how to do this but I'll share some ideas that won't get you laughed at by a 15 yr old and I can almost guarantee they'll actually wear!

Guess Who- Family Style!  I'm stealing this idea from a fellow blogger at ObSEUSSed but it involves swapping out the game pieces with pictures of family members.  I can't wait to start on this so I can play it... "Do you have a big nose" "no.  Are you old?"  Ha!  It's going to be hilarious!

And a ton of building projects from Ana-White.  I'll be building the entire kitchen set for my little girl, the dress-up cart for my 5 yr old niece and the workbench for my 1 1/2 yr old nephew.  The best part is we already have all the wood and the plans are super easy and FREE to build!

But I still need ideas for: 

my husband- the networking computer dork in denial
my mom- the hard working lady who taught me everything I know about being about being a genuine cheapskate
my little sister- that gorgeous, fun chick every momma wants to be 
my father-in-law- your typical guys guy... spends a lot of time mowing the lawn, thinking about the lawn and talking about the lawn and watching baseball (if it's too dark outside to mow the lawn)

Any ideas?

So, what are you working on for Christmas?


  1. maybe something for your little sis!
    Tie Bracelets
    Submitted by jmayward on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 17:04. DIY Under $10 Beginner
    Our ninth grade girls' small group has come up with a creative Christmas gift that also helps people in need. First, you find an old tie. This might be one of your dad's old ties in the closet that he never wears, or a tie you purchased at a thrift store for 50 cents. Next, you find an old button. Check your mom's sewing supplies, or use one of those extra buttons they include on the inside of coats and jackets.

    Now, cut about a 6-inch length of the tie material from the end, then sew up the end, finally adding a button and sewing a button hole. You've got yourself a custom handmade tie bracelet.

    The girls are selling these for 5 bucks apiece, and 100% of the funds will go to purchasing mosquito nets for a community in Uganda. Sleeping under mosquito nets helps prevent the spread of malaria, a preventable but deadly disease.

    The girls gathered this past Saturday to cut, sew, laugh, and share life together, all while rejecting consumerism, embracing creativity, and helping eliminate disease in our world. Fellowship, creativity, and justice: it's win-win-win. So proud of these girls!


  2. I just saw your post on Rethinking Christmas and thought... that's something my little sister would like! And then I come to check my comments and you beat me to it!! I your bracelets! Thanks for posting a mini tute!

  3. This year I'm making homemade cheese for my gifts. I never did it before but it is fun and easy.

  4. Hi Bree! Just found your site doing a search for paper dolls. I create digital media strategy for a foster care agency and I LOVE the image in this post. I'm hoping you'll give us permission to use the image for an upcoming back-to-school clothing drive. Also, you mention a tutorial to create similar images -- is it available?
    Many thanks!
    Jessica Roberts
    Children's Foundation of Mid-America


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