Friday, December 31, 2010

The Flu is Awful... really really awful.

On December 14th all my kids got their flu shot.  The doc said that he had just diagnosed his first case of the flu earlier that day.  He explained that the flu shot takes 12 days to run through your system and offer full immunity so if we could just hang in there for 12 days our kids will be safe and protected from the flu... why do you jinx us like this Dr. Rogers?

Fast forward 1 day... yes... a whole day.  The school calls, Elijah has a fever, come and get him.  I chalk it up as a reaction to the flu shot no biggie he'll be better tomorrow.

And he was!  Thank GOD!  The last thing I need is for the flu to come to my house... can you imagine what a house with 2 primary school kids, 2 toddlers and 1 newborn might look like with flu?  I can.  Let me tell you... it ain't pretty.

The 16th I kept Elijah home from school just for good measure.  That night the boys are getting ready for bed, excited about their Christmas party the next day.  I tuck them into bed and notice that Mikey has a fever.  He realized he would miss his party the next day and cried.  I did too.  It's not fair for any kindergartener to miss his Christmas party!

That night Mikey went from bad to ugly.  His fever skyrocketed and he started shaking.  His heart rate was elevated and his breathing was very rapid.  The whole thing was very scary.  The next day Mikey could care less about his Christmas party and he pretty much slept straight through the next 3 days.  He slowly but surely came out of it but I was surprised how long it lingered.

The Tuesday before Christmas our family was all healthy and we seemed to have dodged a bullet.  Only Mikey got sick and I thought we had just done a great job washing hands and keeping Mikey quarantined.  We went out that day and did some shopping and ate out to celebrate our good health.  As we pulled in the garage that night with a bunch of sleepy kids I noticed my body just sort of ached all over.  After we got all the kids to bed I noticed my head was pounding and I instantly felt exhausted.  CRAP.

And that was it for me.  Within an hour and was feverish and shaking throwing myself a full blown pity party.  Why me? Why me? Why me?

10 days later Christmas is over... in fact it's almost a new year and I'm finally starting to feel human again.  I still have this horrible cough and I sound exactly like Hannah Montana which is the most annoying sound in the entire world... again... why me, why me, why me?

Livi got it too somewhere in the middle of all mine but she handled it much better than I did.  It looked like we were all done with it and baby Isaac woke up with crusty eyes and thrush yesterday morning.  Not sure if this is the flu or just a yucky case of pink eye and crappy timing with the thrush but he is still a smiley happy baby so I can't complain.

BUT next year my family will be getting the flu shots in Sept like we're suppose to!!!


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