Monday, June 6, 2011

The Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition WINNERS!!

Voting is up and the results are in and I'm just so excited to announce to you our winner!  These women have worked their tails off to bring you some amazing creations and use some insane amount of fabric all in an effort to stop their hoarding ways (well... to win some pretty cool prizes too!)

But now without further adieu...

Amy from Little Country Bumpkins 

Her adorable set of skirts and aprons for her little pig farmers made me squeal in delight! She used a total of 29 yards of her fabric stash throughout the competition!!

She came in 3rd place and won a pattern from each of these shops:

 Angie from Mama Lusco

Her Americana sets were so stinkin' cute!  I'll be begging for a tute on this cute little top soon! And she used up an amazing 68+ yards over the course of the contest!

She came in 2nd place and get's her pick from a pattern from each of these sponsor shops:

 Andi from Laundry on the Line 

She blew us away with an entire pieced quilt in 2 weeks time and still had time to make some really cute skirts and aprons too!  She used an insane 74 yards over the course of the contest! 

She is our Grand Prize winner and walks away with a pattern from every one of our sponsors!  Check out this list...


Did you enter the pattern giveaway this week?

We've got a winner for those too!

And that's you Suzee!

Thanks to all you girls for participating and sharing your projects with us.  We've seen some pretty amazing things from you all every week and I think I'm on the road to recovery with my own hoarding issues! 

And April!  Thanks for talking me into doing this contest with you and picking up my slack when I went AWOL!!  It's been so much fun and I've learned so much from you!  Time to start planning our meet up right?!

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  1. HEY thats me!!!! :) I noticed you was following me and I went over to your page.. and was reading and there was my name in the winner box! lol thank you! I didn't see a email yet.. so thought I'd send ya a note here


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