Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet: Olivia Raine

Two years ago today, this mama of wild, crazy, dirty boys held in her hands a precious bundle, wrapped in pink.

Her delivery was a wild and crazy one... I dropped more F-bombs that day than I'd like to admit... regardless of how warranted they might have been.
She was born on my mom's birthday. Three short hours after they broke my water and four hours after starting the pitocin, I felt the urge to push but wrote it off as a common side effect of pitocin.  

But the urge to push was persistant and getting stronger.  I called a nurse to come check me... 9cm... better call the doctor.  She was out of the room for less then 2 minutes but already back at the nurses station when I started crowning.  

Several nurses rushed into the room grabbing gloves and preparing the room for the doctor.  They weren't paying attention to me.  They were chanting "don't push... don't push" and not listening to me try to explain that she was already here.  

"she's already here... she's already here"  I said... trying to keep my composure. 

They weren't listening to me.


That did the trick.

The nurse lifted my gown "... Oh $H*T"  and delivered the rest of my baby girl with the only two fingers she managed to get gloves on.

The nurses and the doctor apologized and I quickly became a legend at the hospital.  I received the biggest room and the nurses knew to leave me alone... I clearly knew what I was doing.

We named her after her great great grandma Olivia (who is still alive and proud to have a namesake) and my mom (her middle name is Lorraine).

That bundle of pink turns 2 today and is exactly what you might expect from a little girl surrounded by a bunch of boys.

She is as girly girl as they come until she sees a pile of dirt to roll around in.

I love that little mess.


  1. Wow, what a story! What a lucky girl she is to have so many brothers to worry about her :) Happy birthday to your princess!

  2. Love the birth story! Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!!!

  3. Cutie pie! My deliveries where much of the same...after they broke my water...they were out in an hour. For my youngest, I had been 4cm since 11am. The dr wanted to break my water at 1pm, I said not till my epidural, he said fine but I won't be back till 6. Fine, he'll be out by 7...he laughed at me...6pm water broke...7pm 1.5 pushes and Breyend was out! When are doctors and nurses going to realize we mommies know what we are talking about! lol

  4. LOL Should I be worried that my little girl is like that and the only boy in this house is my hubby? Even the dog is a girl!
    Love the birth story, hilarious! My own little Olivia had a similar urge to hightail it out, she was taking her sweet old time and then suddenly I was like "I'll take that topper on the epidural now!" and the nurse checked me and said I should give a little push to see if I was ready. Well, let me tell you. That little push had her nearly crowning. "Don't push! Don't push!" a little late to change your mind, hm? Besides, there is nothing in this world I'd rather do than not push, at any given moment. That baby was coming whether I wanted her to or not! ;)
    The doctor made it in the room, just barely, and three pushes later she was out!


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