Monday, April 4, 2011

Sometimes... I'm a dingbat.

So I was reading over some emails and my last Extreme Makeover post and realized that I told everyone we'd reveal our contestants today! 

I can't imagine what I was thinking?  April and I have had the 11th of April down as the starting date for our destash competition for some time now.  

Sometimes I'm just really flighty.

So if you're here to see us announce our contestants I hate to disappoint... really I do.


That means you have more time to send in your photos to be considered as a contestant!

What are you waiting for?!
More details?  Maybe you're just being a big scaredy cat?  Maybe you don't think you've got enough fabric to qualify?  Maybe you've got so much fabric that if you open your fabric closet to take pictures, it'll all fall down on top of you and no one would find you for days?  Hey it could happen!

How about I share some more details so you'll see how things are going to work?  Then you'll be excited... not scared right?

Okay, every week we'll have a theme and you'll make something, anything, you'd like for that theme.  

For example, if the theme is... ummm...  "Road Trip"... you could make a fabric book for the car or a giant mat for toy cars or a pair of pants out of fabric covered in cars! (okay bad example but you get the point right!)  

Readers will vote on the item(s) you made.

You will be awarded points based their votes and the total amount of fabric you used! (the more the better!)

So if you make a comforter that uses a ton of fabric and the voters think is pretty awesome then you could easily take the prize but a pair of baby shoes (even if they're absolutely adorable) not so much!

See!  That's not so bad!  You can totally do that!

Now go grab a camera and a hard hat and go open that fabric closet!


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