Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wackadoo Dress

So Project Runway has been over with now for about a month now right?  But I still can't seem to get Mondo's collection off my mind.  Every piece was full of life and color and energy and made me smile.

Put together by I'd Rather be Shopping

The judges went back and forth for a while but eventually Heidi and Jessica gave in and Gretchen (bleh) won.  But something that stood out to me during the judges deliberations... Nina Garcia kept asking who would buy Mondo's clothes.  She said his line was "too young".

 Who?  Mondo?

While I couldn't disagree with her more, she got my wheels turning.  I may be too old to pull off any of the looks Mondo sent down the runway (by Nina's standards of course) but my little model could totally rock his look!

And so the Wackadoo Dress was born and I just love how it turned out, don't you?

It's a pretty little boat neck dress with 3/4" sleeves.  It's hard to see from the pictures (I had to chase that silly little girl around to get these pictures) but the sleeves have a pop of hot pink underneath them.

Do you think it's Mondo enough?  Maybe she needs a crazy headband with a giant flower or stacked blocks? 

Hmmm... maybe not... maybe something like this...

Embroidery design from Urban Threads


The Girl Creative

The DIY Show Off
Sumo Sweet Stuff


  1. OMG! SO DARLING!! Great job - i absolutely adore the dress!

    joann of

  2. Turned out great! Come link up!


  3. I love this dress!! You did an awesome job! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Wonderful! Great job, looks adorable.

  5. Beautiful! Love the print with the pops of colour. Did you use a pattern, or make your own?


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