Monday, August 29, 2011

Crisis Cleaning Anyone?

Is anyone planning to join me for the Homemaker's "31 Days to Clean" Challenge?

Homemakers Challenge

It kicks off Sept. 1st and I'm am getting myself ready to go!

I have done these sort of challenges and routines in the past (FlyLady anyone?) but I always seem to throw the plan out the window at some point and dive head first into a crazy, binge cleaning, manic episode.  Only to crash an hour later and curl into the fetal position and rock myself back to sanity with a giant tub of rocky road.

I know. I know. Scary.

So this time I thought I'd help curb those urges to binge by doing a day of crisis cleaning a la FlyLady.  I have tried FlyLady a couple of times and I really like her approach.  But if you've been to her website and got completely lost... you are not alone.  I just don't know where to start and it doesn't seem like an easy program to adapt for your lifestyle. 

But her crisis cleaning is so easy.

Basically you clean in 15 minute intervals and move from room to room. 

1st- clean the kitchen for 15 minutes

2nd- When the timer goes off, stop and clean your living room for 15 minutes

3rd- When the timer goes off, go back to the kitchen and clean for 15 more minutes

4th- Stop and take a 15 minute break

And then start up again and shift rooms as needed! 

I have to change mine up a bit and give myself 15 minutes in between each room to tend to the kids pleas for a glass of milk or a potty break or to clean up a spill or whatever. 

But it's the perfect approach  for someone like me who, given more than 15 minutes, would start rearranging the pots and pans!

One HUGE tip from me to you... make sure you set your timer for 15 minutes for EVERYTHING!  That means if you are taking a 15 minute break to check your email... set the timer or you'll never come back!

Try it out and see how it works for you!


  1. I will do this challenge with you, as long as it really is as simple as just cleaning your oven one day and cabinets the next. I was just thinking that I wanted to clean them sometime soon. I saw some of the before and after on her facebook page and I was like "yup, my house is definately the before". Thanks for the swagbucks idea! I have a bunch and was just waiting for a time to use them. Off to buy the book!

  2. I love Fly Lady but agree about it not being really doablr...I use a mix of FL and Motivated Moms...MM is a short to do list everyday, but everything gets covered...with FL I got overwhelmed, especially having to make my routine! Ugh! I am terrible with that! I am a crazy perfectionist! but MM makes the daily list for you. definitely worth the $8/year!

  3. I am sooooo with you, Bree!! Send me details please?! ;) you know all my crazy cleaning stuff...I plaster it all over facebook so I can remember what I might have accomplished that day. Running around so much, I often forget what's been done and what comes next. ;)


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