Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello hello!

Welcome to ExtraOrdinary Bree!  This is a blog about me and my amazing family filled with crazy boys, a fickle newborn and a handsome man that makes me laugh about everything that can and does go wrong in life.

I hope to use this blog to journal the hilarious and sweet and profound things my kids say and of course to vent when my mom infuriates me... and she will... fairly often.

I'm also hoping this blog will help me organize and better take advantage of my crafty whims and dreams.  I've already posted a few of the tutorials I've seen and bookmarked but not yet attempted.  I know I'll be adding to this list soon as well as starting another list of tutorials I've tried (and the outcome... some good and some.. well... not so good)  I may even try writing a tutorial of my own!

These first couple of weeks I plan to introduce the myself and my family since I'm sure I'll be talking a lot about them.  So if you've  stumbled across my page somehow... how'd you find me?  Have any advice for a rookie blogger?  Leave me a comment, encouragement or advice or just say hello!


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