Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'd like you to meet: Mikey

Oh I love this boy.

This handsome young man is my oldest son.  My first baby.  He is 4yrs old until next month when we celebrate his birthday with a great big Mario Bros party.  He is incredibly smart and has a great big huge heart.  He makes me so proud.

Mikey started PreK today. 

As we left the house to take him to his first day of school he stopped by the fridge and grabbed the reddest apple he could find for his teacher.  I asked where he got that idea... TV... of course. But he looked so stinkin' cute holding that apple and going to school in his "work" shirt as he calls it.

I walked him to his classroom... took some pics... got a "why are you still here" look... took some more pics and finally decided I'd better leave when he asked if I was going to stay the whole time.

When he got home he told me about the playground, and the gym, and his friends and laughed about the lunch lady asking if he wanted cheese on his burger (he thought she was going to put it on the whole burger, bun and all!)


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