Monday, February 14, 2011

The Anything Card

My husband and I don't typically celebrate Valentine's Day.

The agreement is we try to show each other how much we appreciate each other throughout the year instead of getting wrapped up in a commercial holiday.

I'm the first to admit that this is code for: "my husband is really crappy when it comes to Valentine's day so I'm angry at Halmark for starting another fight!"

So last year I gave him a wallet and included The Anything Card tucked inside.

What is The Anything Card you ask?

The Anything Card is a simple gift that entitles the holder to... well... anything. The catch of course is that this card doesn't expire and is fully transferable. In fact when you redeem your card you forfeit it and put yourself in at the mercy of the new holder.

My husband and I had so much fun with this card throughout the year. At first we were friendly and fair even apologetic when we were trading the card for an extra hour of sleep or a night off from baby duty. But towards the end of the year we were stealing it out of each others wallets.

Eventually we forgot about it and lost it so I'm excited about making us another card. Now we can get back to flirting and fighting over it again.

So print one off and  tuck it into your guys gift or if your like me and didn't get him anything... print it off and tuck it in his wallet and act like it's been there all along!

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. haha, that's clever and adorable!
    I'm angry at hallmark for picking fights, too. So this year I baked heart shaped cookies and then later passive-aggressively stood right outside with the crying baby. ohohoho.

  2. *outside the bedroom door late at night while he was sleeping. Just to establish what was so passive aggressive, and also that I don't stand outside with the crying baby. LOL

  3. What a cute and fun idea! I need to print this off for my husband's birthday that's in a few weeks. Great blog bytheway! Found you from the american crafting comp. :)


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