Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids Eat Free!

Okay this is HUGE in my family!!  Kids eat free at Chili's Feb. 8th, 15th, 21st and 22nd!

A lot of restaurants have these deals, so why is this one so special?  Besides the fact that it's Chili's and they are super yummy... the wording of their fine print doesn't exclude kids in large families like mine.

Usually when kids eat free the parents have to purchase a meal and you get a free kids meal for every adult meal purchased which means you only get 2 kids meals for free and have to pay for the others.  It's still a savings so you can't complain but this coupon says "Limit two kids meals per each adult entree ordered" meaning ALL my kids eat free!

We'll totally be there!  How about you?


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