Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's so hard to blog when...

...the last place you want to be is in the house!

The last couple of weeks have just been gorgeous outside.  It has been a perfect 70-80 degrees.  We've pulled out the shorts and tank tops and have had at least 3 picnic dinners at the park.

One day we took the kids to the park with their bikes and watched them go round and round and round on the little track.  

Another day we went to a fun little park with big rocks to climb, a little stream to race floating bark and a pond to throw big sticks in.  

We discovered a mountain bike trail and we tested our Mountain Buggy on the big hills and rocky roads.  It rolls right on over every obstacle like a dream.  I'm more in love with this stroller than ever before.  Easily the best $200 on Craigslist I've ever spent!

What else have I been up to?

I discovered an organization called Parental Care Ministries that takes care of orphans in Uganda.  It's an African lead organization but a family right here in Tyler, TX has gotten involved and helping to promote them.  They have 500+ children under their care and so far have sponsor families for a little over half of them.  I'm brainstorming how I can use my little blog to help them out some more.  Wanna get involved?

I'm also commiting to a major destash of fabrics.  Seriously... my fabric stash is out of control.  How do you keep your stash in line?  Maybe you don't?  Wanna join me in a destash challenge?

We just signed the kids up for baseball... I can't wait to see them in their little uniforms.  But man it's a chore shuttling 5 kids around to all those games and practices. Not to mention sitting in the stands with 3 little ones who just want another snow cone.   I'm tired just thinking about it!

Oh and I've had a revelation when it comes to my Victorian Bustle Coat pattern.  Instead of offering my pattern... since it could be YEARS before I have time to figure out how to get it online... I can just show you how to alter a commercial pattern to include the bustle!  Duh!  Why didn't I think of that sooner?  What do you think?  Will that work for you?

So don't write me off as another abandoned blog just yet!  I'm still here!  Just enjoying the beautiful weather and if I know anything about this crazy Texas weather it's that soon it'll be cold and yucky soon... just when I least expect it!


  1. Altering a commercial pattern works for me!

  2. I am in Louisiana! I didn't realize you were in Texas! We are loving the weather too! The kids wake up and are like can we go outside....NOW! LOL! I am enjoying the peace and quiet of having only the youngest in the house all day! Your pics look great! I too have set up a destash challenge for myself but haven't been able to...I keep having to go the fabric store to get fabric for orders and I see all these wonderful fabrics and I know exactly what I want to do with them so I can't help myself! The problem is I have been staying so busy with orders I can't get around to using the fabrics I buy for me. But I am proud to say I finally just said I am not taking any more orders! Sewing is supposed to be a hobby and something for me to destress so after I finish the orders I have, I am not taking anymore until my projects are done!...of course the kids could be out of the house by then! lol


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