Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I LOVE Locketmoon Designs!

Sooooo.... what do you think of my pretty little face lift?! 

I love love love my banner!  Isn't it just perfect!

I knew I wanted a new look for my blog and tried and tried to come up with something on my own but I just wasn't happy with anything I came up with.

So searched high and low and finally found this amazing seller on Etsy!

Her designs are just gorgeous!  Fresh and fun and original!

But the best part is they are rediculously affordable.  Seriously... I paid $18 for my banner... ummm that's just about the best I found anywhere!

So go check out her shop and start dreaming about what she could do for your blog!  At the very least show her some love and heart her shop!

While I've got you here looking at my pretty new blog... what do you think of the background?  Is it too busy?  Does it take away from my banner?


  1. Love the new banner - the background is a bit psychadelic, but fun!

  2. I love your new banner! The background is cute too, but get's a little distracting as you scroll. Just trips out my eyes a little :)

  3. Thanks girls! It was freaking me out too but I figured out how to make it not scroll... a little easier on the eyes =)


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