Friday, January 14, 2011

Project Toddler Runway- Week 2!

Week 2 voting is up and going until Sunday and I couldn't be more excited about my entry!!

Of course it's still anonymous so you won't know until Monday which one is mine when I post a free pattern and tutorial!!!

I've got to figure out how to share a pattern with you all before then so I'm off to research.  If you know how to do it leave a comment and let me know!!


  1. Hey, I found this: It was a pretty lengthy technique and you need a scanner and Adobe Acrobat Professional software.

  2. I can email you how if you still need help, and I Loved your jacket!

  3. Jenn- I've had the same tutorial up in the next tab for a couple of days now... wow... it seems like a lot of work huh?!

    Shauna- Thanks I loved your cape too. I liked how you added the elastic in the front to give it more shape... so cute! And I'd love any tips you could share on making a pattern!


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