Monday, January 31, 2011

What a weekend!

On Thursday night I submitted my "Inspired by Boys" entry and hoped for the best.  I knew I wouldn't have a chance to stalk the voting polls like I usually do because I was going to be out of town all weekend.

Friday I packed up the family for a mini vacation.  My great grandma turned 99 years old and we wanted to go visit and sing her happy birthday.  My grandma was excited about our visit and insisted that we take the train.  The tickets were really cheap but it wasn't exactly convenient.

We had to drive 3 hours to the train station, board the train with 5 little ones, car seats and enough luggage to last a family of 7 at least 3 days... yeah, we looked crazy and the people already aboard the train looked terrified as we climbed into the seats next to them.

While on the train the kids had a blast.  The conductor came by and showed them what the buttons did and let them punch there own tickets.  We walked down to the meal car and got apple juice and Cheetos, walked back to our seats and got our bags ready to go... that's right the train ride lasted an entire hour.  Once off the train my great aunt picked us up and we had to drive 45 minutes to get to her house.

Did I mention that the trip usually takes us 4 hours in the car?

So, yeah, not exactly convenient but we had so much fun with the kids and it will be a fun memory to look back on someday!

We got home late last night and put all the kids in bed and I finally had a chance to go through my 46 emails and check in on the Project Toddler Runway voting.  And I was so excited to see that I had won!!  How exciting!

I couldn't be more excited about how my little letterman cardigan turned out.  Exactly what I was looking for... a stylish trend with a load of nostalgia. 

I also learned that I made the cut and will be participating in American Crafter on Nap Time Crafters!!

I'm super excited and officially hooked on these blogging contests... of to share the news with my husband... he'll be less than thrilled =)


  1. YAY!! I loved yours! I was also out of town until late Sunday with out working internet access on my phone so this weekend was quite a different experience for me than the previous weeks! I opened up the voting on Friday and was like - someone else did a Varsity sweater - and better than mine! Seriously - I love it! Congrats!! And also congrats on American Crafter - I'll have to keep an eye on that one now also!

  2. No way was mine cuter than yours! I had the exact same reaction when I saw yours!! lol We just took our inspirations in different directions and I love the result of both. I hope you'll do a tutorial on yours... I love the look of your letter and couldn't figure out how to make mine look like that.

  3. Congratulations! This is so cute!


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