Monday, February 7, 2011

Binary Conversation Hearts Tutorial

So if you've seen my Binary Conversation Hearts on American Crafter than you've already heard my mini rant about boy clothes but I'm going to rant some more because I'm still kinda mad!

Why is okay to put this crap on our boy's clothes?  "Eligible Bachelor".  Really?  What about my 4 year old son is "eligible"?  I promise I'm not totally lame and I don't think that everything is inappropriate.  Just the stuff that conveys a message that it's okay for our boys to be sexualized.  Would you put your daughter in a shirt that says "single and ready to mingle" or "future babe"... I certainly wouldn't!  My husband would have a fit!!  So why is okay for our boys to wear shirts saying the same?  "I only date models" "chicks dig me"!  I suppose I'm just old fashioned but my boys wont be allowed to date any sooner than my daughter and I won't be the mom applauding when my boys have lots of girls chasing them... unless of course my boys are telling them to back off.

Okay... sooooo, rant over!  Deep breath!

So these are super easy to make and you can go about it several different ways!

But first things first you need to read up on binary code.  There are several online courses you can take....


Seriously you don't need to know anything about binary code other than it looks cool on a shirt.  I found this cool site where this super cool geek figured it all out for us! Go check out Roubaix Interactive!

On this site you can simply type in your text just like you would want it to read on a card in the "text to encode" box.  Then hit "to binary" and it'll convert it for you in the neighboring box!  Cool huh?

So think of something clever to say and go get your code!

How to transfer?

You can put your binary code on a shirt like I did or on a pillow or maybe on your family calendar or something like that the possibilities are endless!  And super easy to do because it's just simple ones and zeros.

You can simply write them with fabric markers or stamp them or freezer paper stencil like I did.  I bet you could embroider them by hand or machine.  You could even print them on fabric with your ink jet printer and fabric sheets or this tutorial/recipe from Infarrantly Creative!

So what will you do with your binary?

0101010      0011010
00011000  01011011100


  1. I put this on the to do list for next year for my boys. :)
    I don't like most of the graphic tees for boys, whether sexualizing or comments like "the dog ate my homework." They portray the kids that I don't really like, so my boys have A LOT of striped shirts, because it's more interesting than plain and doesn't have anything dopey on it. We also aren't that into sports, so we don't get the sports related ones too often. The girls clothes are just as bad/ worse so it's more of a general problem :(

  2. Bree, I don't know where to start! First, AMEN to the t-shirt rant! The stuff they put on shirts for boys, even just every day shirts, drives me CRAZY!

    Second your line about researching binary are FUNNY!

    And third, this shirt is FABULOUS! ! My favorite for Valentine's Day so far! And I think I might use the idea for some homemade valentines for my son.

    So in short, you're right, you're funny, and you're ideas are fabulous. ;D

    I am sharing a link to this with my readers tomorrow! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Saw this on American Crafter and HAD to hop over here and tell you I LOVED this shirt! I don't have any boys but when I do, I am so doing this! I think it's absolutely adorable! You go girl!

  4. i just found your blog and have read several posts already. It's great!

  5. I featured this project (a first for me!) on my blog at:

  6. Love love love this! I teach college computer courses and we spend quite a bit of time converting text to binary. I just made my son this Valentine's Day shirt! Next year, when he's outgrown it, I'll use it as a "visual aid" for my students. Thanks SO much!


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