Friday, March 11, 2011

I'd like you to meet: Isaac Joven

After my 3rd little man was born, we knew we wanted baby number 4 pretty quick.

In my own little fantasy world, we were going to have 6 kids.  The first 4 would be boys and the last 2 would be girls.  Now I knew and understood fully that this was simply a fantasy.  After having 3 boys, you sort of just know that you are fully incapable of having girls and any subsequent pregnancies would result in another boy.  I was okay with that.  Really, honestly, okay.  So when I say this was my fantasy... the part that was a fantasy was the 2 girls at the end.

It never really occurred to me that baby #4 could be a girl.

So at the sonogram I was on cloud9 that I was actually going to have a girl but also a bit bummed... this messes up my entire fantasy!!

 But it was okay.  We could just cut out brother #4 and go ahead with the 2 sisters. Right?

At my sonogram they told me that baby #5 was not a sister but another brother.  

I laughed.

I thought I would be sad or disappointed.  But I laughed.  I laughed because of course it was a boy.  I laughed because I realized how silly I was to get so wrapped up in my own plans.  I laughed because it was perfect, it was God's plan.  I laughed because I was happy.

On the way home from my doctors visit I thought about the story of Sarah and Abraham.  I thought about how she laughed when she learned she would become pregnant.  I instantly understood her laughter.  It wasn't just happiness that made her giggle.  It was just funny.  Of course she was pregnant now, when she was old and had given up hope.  She laughed because she realized that God had his own timing and plans and he was perfect.

I got home and announced the news to Mike and the kids with a box of donuts covered in blue frosting and sprinkles.

In September our baby was born.  We named him Isaac, it means "she laughed".

Today he is 6 months old.

He looks just like Mikey, Elijah and Olivia at this age.

He is our happiest baby yet.  He seems determined to live up to his name, laughing every time someone makes eye contact with him.


  1. Aww, what a sweet little man. Our second girl (she will be four months old on the 16th) has the same type of personality... "EYE CONTACT YAY! :D"
    I love that his name has so much meaning to it. The only meaning in my girls' names is my first daughter is Nicole Michelle after my mom, Michelle. (she was the first grandchild/granddaughter) and my second is Olivia Christiana after her dad, Christopher. It's kind of funny, my mom asked me how to spell Christiana and I was like "Christ..i...a...n..a." and she was like, "You mean Christian, with an A at the end?" "...uhhh, yeah, that sounds a lot better, doesn't it?!" "Yup." LOL babybrain. ;p Would have been awesome if I had thought of that myself and done it deliberately!

  2. What a sweet story! I love that his name has special meaning for you!

    Visiting from FTLOB Weekend Wander. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  3. I love the story behind the name you picked. I'm visiting (and now following you) from FTLOB weekend wander. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Oh, I love his face! What a doll! I have 4, and wait another desperately, but Hubs says no. Boo. I love the posts that I glanced through, and am now following from FTLOB weekend wander!

  5. So sweet! I didn't know you had an Olivia! That's my sisters name.


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