Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last week I was running around in town.  Doing some shopping... a doctor appointment... you know, normal mom stuff.  It was just about noon so I thought maybe it would be nice to meet up with Mr. Extra Ordinary for lunch.  
So I did what everyone does when they need to talk with someone on the other side of town.

I drove to his work and left a note on his truck.


What are we in high school again?

How primitive, right?

You see, last week I didn't have a cell phone.

No.  I didn't just lose mine somewhere at the bottom of my purse or forget to charge it.  

I was simply the last person in America to get a cell phone!

Later that night I got on AT&T and ordered one.

$19 and 2 days later my iPhone 3GS arrived on my door step.

So I've been playing with it and getting to know it over the last couple of days.  Wowee!  What took me so long!  I love this thing.

And because it's mine, all mine, I can make it as girly as I want without hearing it from Mr. Extra Ordinary!

Yesterday I found this app that dolls up your emails and text messages.

It's like text stationary... textationary?

Anyhow, it's called Red Stamp and the app is completely free!!

 Some of my favs

It's so easy to use and did I mention that it's free!!

Definitely go check out


  1. I'm so glad u came into the new melinium :)

  2. Well, you chose a great place to start! My husbands been trying to talk me into Iphone's forever....we may just have to make the change.

  3. Holy cow, why am I using a blackberry?! SO UGLY. I'm ashamed.


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